Report from July 18, 2020

CONTACT. We were three people who met up. During the group alignment and energy boost prior to the contact meditation, the participants felt a deep sense of calm and some tingling. Then we dived into Dr. Greer's ET Contact Protocol. It was deep and concentrated and the air around us felt firm. After the contact meditation we looked around and up into the sky. We sensed energy but not anything visually interdimensional.
After a while we packed our gear and began walking back. Just as we had left the area, a big LIGHTSHIP appeared in the distance. It was hanging still and a video recording and photos were taken of it. These can be watched on our website. After a while we continued walking and the UFO seemed to come closer. We stood still and listened to Dr. Greer's free CE-5 meditation on Youtube and another UFO flew over our heads. This one shifted dimension just above our heads! The colour of the ships were white / golden.
We felt immense joy and gratitude for this open contact.