A new chapter has begun in the history of CE-5 Copenhagen

The organization has evolved and expanded immensely since it's birth in March 2018. Martin and I had big ambitions and visions for what we could do to further the global movement of CE-5 and manifest Open Contact with UFOs and ETs. Over the the past 2,5 years, a lot has been done and more is to come.
Because the organization has now grown to this size, and even soon to be on national TV, it is time for new energy in the team. It is an honour to announce that the new Vice Chairman Is Marcus Aroli. Some of you already know him through CE-5.
The CE-5 CPH team now consists of myself and Marcus. We will continue to lead CE-5 Copenhagen towards the UFOs, the ETs and the stars!

A big warm thank you to Martin for your dedication as webmaster and photo editor. I hope to see you at future Skywatches and other CE-5 CPH fun! We are all Star Family.