Are you ready to see UFOs and meet the ETs?

It is important that you integrate your thoughts and feelings because the more integrated your consciousness is, the closer the ETs will come to you. ET and UFO contact is about loving kindness and remember that you attract what you vibe.
You can also do CE-5 meditations at home or outside and get familiar with it. This greatly prepares you for ET and UFO Disclosure and prepares you for the day when they show themselves to everyone.
The best way to prepare yourself is to look within. By now the presence of UFOs and ETs has become a staple in mainstream media and you might already be excited to see a spacecraft and actually see an ET. You wanna see the real deal, right? You can accelerate your encounter happening by going within. Practise meditation and you can just start with one minute. Then later increase it to five minutes etc. There is no ideal maximum length of meditation. At the beginning of a meditation, it is normal that thoughts run around and stuff you have to do pop up. Write it down to get it out of your mind and continue your meditation. At some point, there will be calmness and just relax in it. When the next train of thoughts passes by, stay calm and again write down whatever you need to get out of your head. You can also do journaling and emotional bodywork therapy also works wonders.

Within a decade we will have had open global contact. So buckle up dear starseeds. Meditation must begin. You are the disclosure with your inner healing and together we prepare for the ETs and their UFOs to announce their presence to all of Earth.

With Loving Kindness
- CE-5 Copenhagen

CE-5 Skywatch report November 26, 2023

At 2:00 in the morning of November 26, we were three people who went to a park in the southern part of Copenhagen.
Instead of the usual CE-5 meditation from the CE5 Contact app, we did a standing meditation guided by the organizer.
We closed our eyes and envisioned that we were immediately standing inside a spacecraft.
After some minutes, we shared our experiences with each other.
Person one could feel and see the floor of the craft. It was crystalline.
Person two saw a face with ET eyes and a door opened into a room with yellow light.
Person three felt an ET standing between person two and three. She could feel the room and the floor of the spacecraft.

We then continued the standing meditation. We closed our eyes and envisioned that we were still on that spacecraft. We meditated in silence for 10 min. and then did another sharing round.

Person one heard could with psychic hearing hear an ET voice talk to him. It was the ET that was standing between person two and three in the first round. The ET moved over to person one for the second meditation round and interacted with him. It felt like an ethereal presence in the air around him, supported by tingling like gentle electric currents through his body. He enjoyed the overwhelming sense of comfort, which created a feeling of tranquillity.

The other attendees also felt a deepening of ET connection.
Person two could feel the presence of the ETs. She was later captivated by a luminous green UFO orb, that flew rapidly through the air. She felt a sense of warmth and positivity, and she perceived a benevolent presence somewhere in the vicinity.

Person three saw her star family in front of her in her mind's eye, whilst standing inside the spacecraft.
She requested them to show a physical sign of their presence.

We opened our eyes and watched the sky for UFO activity for a few minutes and then person two and three saw a big bright green luminescent UFO orb flying diagonally approximately 500 meters from us.
It was clearly a UFO orb with its self-glowing crystalline plasma texture and it was visible for 2 seconds.
It looked like it had the volume of a bus.
The timing of the green flying UFO orb felt clearly like a sign of confirmation of ET love and connection.

The ETs are our Galactic Family
With Love

CE-5 Skywatch report, September 16, 2023

On this beautiful clear-weathered early autumn Saturday, we were two people who went to the forest. We were excited as always and these gatherings always provide expansion, connection and fun. We did the puja, the CE-5 contact meditation and also listened to a Bashar meditation.

One person saw a huge purple orb about 1 meter in diameter and hovering 2 meters off the ground. It was visible for 2 seconds and was approximately 10 meters from where we were sitting.
Later that evening, a smaller dark blue orb was floating just one meter from us for a few seconds. In the distance, some odd white flashes were noticed on the ground near a three. There seemed not to be any other people around who could maybe be using flashlights.
Besides that, we saw several shooting stars, a few satellites and some airplanes.
Thanks for a lovely CE-5 night under the stars!
We appreciate that the beings meet us inter-dimensionally as orbs and their energetic presence was noticeable.

We đź–¤ CE-5

CE-5 Skywatch report September 2, 2023

The weather was perfect for our skywatch that day. There were six people attending. Five in person and one on a call. We went to our skywatch location deep in the forest and sat up camp. During our CE-5 contact meditation, we had various experiences. Here are the attendies experiences.

Female one: "There was a deep feeling of guidances during the meditation. At the end, it felt like I was merging with an interdimensional spaceship which was hovering above us (not visible to the normal eyes). I also felt that my back straightened up and sat completely still for the whole hour of meditation."

Male one: "During my initial two meditative sessions, I blissfully sank into a state of tranquil connectedness. Just when I thought I was becoming one with the cosmos, my body decided to host an impromptu winter Olympics, shaking like a snow globe! Nevertheless, the experience was a rollercoaster of serenity and shivers, leaving me with a cosmic connection that even the universe might envy."

Female two: "At the beginning, I encountered challenges trying to take deep breaths, which made it quite tricky to maintain focus. However, during the second meditation, accompanied by soothing piano notes in the background, a transformative moment occurred. In the segment where our meditation guide prompted us to embrace deep breathing, a mysterious male voice, as if positioned merely inches from my nose, whispered in English, "Breathe." Astonishingly, in the immediate aftermath of this encounter, my breaths deepened, flowing more effortlessly than ever before. As this enigmatic presence dissipated, it left behind a faint fragrance, a perfume previously unknown to my senses. Yet, just as things were taking an intriguing turn, the chill in the room pulled my attention away in the end. We saw the 3 moving ojects in the sky as well."

Male nr. two joined our meditation through a call. He felt an energy in his body and the day after, he felt bliss, deep peace and expanded awareness. He decribes: "During the meditations, I initially saw a light appear in the low horizon where you were physically situated. This felt like ET’s indicating they were present. I then later saw an image in my mind of a train arriving in orbit. This clearly indicating more visitors. Later, I saw in my minds eye an image of two spacial realities melding together, representing the alignment the group was achieving through the exercises. The morning after the CE-5, I woke up feeling an incredible sense of deep contentment, joy and peace, disconnected from the usual mental programmes and mind chatter. I felt a real high as if my vibration was substantially higher. A testament to the group energy and purity of intention everyone had when we came together."

Male three: "During the meditation I worked on my focus and on following the guided meditation. I especially worked on the CE-5 vectoring part."

Male four: "Observed two shooting stars or falling stars. Nothing unusual or out of the normal."

After the group meditation, we observed the sky for a few hours. There were some shooting stars and also orbs, which were flying rapidly and changing direction. One did so in an L-shape, which was very noticeable.
We then saw a larger orb flying and circled it with a green laser pointer. It lit up briefly 5 times its size and then went back to its normal size.
Male three and four saw a larger white / turquoise orb closer to us for a few seconds, though there were discussions of whether it was a comet or meteor. Female one sensed that there was consciousness in it.

We finished the night by holding hands whilst standing in a circle. We grounded ourselves in the Earth and gave thanks to all the beings - terrestrials and extraterrestrials - who made this epic night happen.

Til we meet again!
Love and Light

Status report on online intro workshops on CE-5 Skywatch, July 30, 2023

By now, many people have attended the online intro workshops hosted by CE-5 Copenhagen. The first intro was held physically here in Copenhagen and it was then moved online to reach more people.
As of July 2023, CE-5 Copenhagen has hosted over 35 CE-5 Skywatches out in nature since 2018 and since 2021 there have been 19 online intro workshops. Several hundred people from Copenhagen and all over the globe have joined CE-5 Copenhagen's activities and society is becoming increasingly more interested in this topic.
It is very exciting to see how people love these informative meetings and CE-5 Skywatch gaterings.
They get more hands-on information on how to do CE-5 Skywatch and many attendees have seen UFOs after these gatherings and some have seen them prior. People also experience an increase in dream meetings with ETs, dreams of visits onboard UFOs, and an increase in astral travel. They also become more psychic and the multidimensionality of reality unfolds for them.
Looking forward to many more years of increasing personal UFO and ET contact. You will all become experiencers!

CE-5 Skywatch report, July 15, 2023

We were a handful of people who went to the meditation area in the forest. We talked about the ETs and also about Bigfoot. These forest dwellers are showing up more in general as the consciousness of the human species is evolving. As we had settled down, a female Bigfoot approached us interdimensionally. Her presence was strong. We did a short meditation and invited her to come closer. Two of us saw her eyes in our mind's eye. She had clear brown eyes with white sclera. She got invited to join our CE-5 meditation and it was sensed that she sat down between us, as part of our circle. A few of her fellow Bigfoot beings were standing a bit further back. Excited, shy and curious.
We did an energy boost, a prayer with the puja, and then the ET contact protocol.
We went deep inside our meditative consciousness for about an hour. After that, people had different experiences to share.
One person sensed some beings walking back and forth beside her. She noticed a fragrance and later checked if it had been one of the other people, but everybody had sat still throughout the meditation. She also felt her forehead being caressed and opened her eyes but saw no one standing there.
She ensured that it was not an insect and closed her eyes. The caressing happened again.
One of the guys saw three beings in his mind's eye. They looked blurry but were very present.
He recognized them from many previous meditations. They are his ET friends and guides.
Another guy in our group felt a deep sense of calm and listened attentively to the guided meditation.
A female saw in her mind's eye that many ETs and Bigfoot beings were walking amongst the group during the meditation.
Throughout the evening, the energy was very high and thick with interdimensional presence.
We then connected to some energy-coded crystals. One was coded with a grounding frequency and one with galactic consciousness frequency. The guy who felt a deep calmness during the meditation felt his heart chakra being active and his chest area becoming warm.
The person who saw the three blurry beings, felt a buzzing sensation in his hands when he held the crystals.
We ended the night by standing in a circle and holding hands. We gave thanks to all the beings who had responded to our invitation and participated in this gathering.
The intention of the circle was to calm us down, but we were surrounded by an ecstatic high vibrational energy that lifted our vibration even further. So much that the female who had psychically seen the beings walk amongst us, could not keep her balance and she felt giggly for half an hour.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this blessed cocreation and we look forward to many more. We are grateful for the connection, the expansion, and the loving kindness we share with our interdimensional and extraterrestrial friends. We wish to establish physical contact and these personal encounters mean so much, both for us and the beings. They are grateful that humans are inviting them closer and together we share the love for life and our planet.

Celebrating CE-5 Copenhagen turning 5 years old

What a celebration and milestone! In March 2023, CE-5 Copenhagen officially turned 5 years old. It was celebrated with a proper online birthday hangout with cake, candles, decorations, great company and lots of fun. It was so lovely to see both familiar and new faces. The passion for UFO and ET contact keeps expanding. People shared life-changing and healing experiences with UFO and ET encounters. There was also a powerpoint presentation of CE-5 Copenhagen year-by-year, pointers toward the future and sharing of ideas for activities.
Thank you to all who attended. Wish we could have continued for hours but we will see each other again with more hangouts and of course skywatches.
Big love!

Avoid scam mail

ALERT! Do not open any emails from
It is a scam email address. The ONLY email used by CE-5 Copenhagen is
If you receive an unexpected email from the info-email, then do not hit reply. There are "spoof" emails, where the scammer makes the sending email address look authentic. Instead, you should send a separate email to and ask what that email was about. All scammers get reported.

Golden lightship at 6 AM

Woke up at 6 AM and felt an urge to look outside through the window.
There was a lightship / orb hovering in the sky! First it looked like a perfect spherical cloud with the morning sun colouring it golden. Then it started to rotate. Within a few seconds the sphere shrunk to a smaller sphere and then faded into a circle and disappeared.

I connected with it and felt a deep sense of peace, belonging and love.

Thank you Star friends for reminding that you are always there!

CE-5 Skywatch report, January 17, 2022. CE-5 Copenhagen visits Costa Rica

Whilst in Montezuma, CE-5 Copenhagen came across a lovely couple, who also loves the CE-5 contact protocol.
We went to the beach and did a spontaneous CE-5 Skywatch.
Though this day was not a Global Grid Night, the synchronicity and synergy among the participants were right for it.
During the meditation, one participant experienced being sucked out of her body and upwards into the sky.
The two other participants experienced floating in outer space. Out there among the galaxies.
Thank you to both humans and ETs for this beautiful CE-5 Skywatch night in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

Skywatch rapport, lørdag d. 11 sep, 2021. CE-5 Copenhagen besøger Hornslet.

I løbet af CE-5 Copenhagens besøg i Hornslet lavede vi denne lørdags-Skywatch.
Vi var syv deltagere der tog ud i Hornslet-området på Djursland. På grund af ustadigt vejr foretog vi ET kontakt meditationen indendørs og da vejret klarede op, kørte vi ud til Skywatch. Vi så en stor lysende kugle i det fjerne. Der var uenighed om hvorvidt det var Jupiter eller det store hvid/gyldne Mothership. Kuglen fadede langsomt ind og ud og nogle syntes at den responderede, når vi bad den om at lyse op.

Deltagerne beskrev derefter deres oplevelser under ET kontakt meditationen.
En oplevede at hans tredje øje åbnede sig og universet så via det ud i den fysiske verden.
En anden deltager oplevede en ro sænke sig og en varm følelse i brystet. Det var nemt for hende at fordybe sig i meditationen og bag de lukkede øjne så hun ind imellem nogle slørede ikke-menneskelige typiske ET ansigter. Væsnerne havde aflange ansigter og store øjne. Senere blev det sværere at fastholde fordybelsen og ligegyldige tanker begyndte at forstyrre. Efter meditationen følte hun sig meget afslappet i kroppen og der gik noget tid før hun åbnede øjnene og følte sig helt tilbage.
En tredje oplevede at blive trukket bagud og så ud som hun faldt i søvn, men hun oplevede at der blev slukket på en kontakt og senere tændt igen, som om et indre videoklip blev slettet.
To personer sĂĄ nogle Grey ETs foran sig for deres indre blik. Dog var de ikke sikre pĂĄ om det var minder fra billeder, som de tidligere havde set.
Den sjette deltager sĂĄ en galakse snurre imellem deltagerne under meditationen, og det var deltagernes energi, der fik den til at snurre.
Den syvende person var med til Skywatch for anden gang. Den indendørs meditation førte hende ind i en skøn og dyb tilstand. I hendes astrale lag i hendes aurafelt, inviterede hun ETs ind, og blev hurtigt mødt af tre ETs som hun tidligere har mødt.
Den ene ET fremstår meget høj, meget slank og har nærmest hvid hud, som stråler af små fine gyldne korn som de første lag i aurafeltet. Den anden ET kalder sig Itzu. Hun er utrolig smuk og meget rolig og kærlig. Den tredje ET virker sjov og har en let energi. Så tog personen astralt afsted og kom op på hendes Mothership, og derefter sendt rundt i forskellige dimensioner, på forskellige planeter og tidspunkter for jorden og universet.
Hun oplevede den guidede meditation som meget spirituel og ĂĄbner for vores evne til at kommunikere med ETs.
Efter meditationen klarede vejret op og vi tog udenfor i den fælles energi, som vi havde skabt. Crop Circle Tones blev afspillet. Hun kunne at mærke energierne skiftede, og ETs rykkede tætter på, ikke kun i ens astrale lag, men også fysisk omkring en. En meget stor og smuk oplevelse, og som tre dage senere stadig vibrerer i hendes krop, energifelt og sjæl. Hun beskriver at når først man begynder at åbne sig og bruge den guidede meditation som beskrevet, åbner man for dybde, forståelse og samhørighed med vores venner i mellem stjernerne.

Tusind tak til alle personer og stjernefolk der deltog i ET kontakt meditation og Skywatch!

Skywatch rapport, torsdag d. 9 sep, 2021. CE-5 Copenhagen besøger Hornslet.

CE-5 Copenhagen besøgte Hornslet og det blev til hele to Skywatches! En om torsdagen d. 9 september og en om lørdagen d. 11 september.
På den første Skywatch var vi to personer der tog ud i området omkring Hornslet og lavede CE-5 kontakt meditationen.
Vi så tre UFOer på himlen, der hang i en trekantsformation. Et stort Mothership der var et par km i diameter og to mindre UFOer. De hang stille på himlen, og samtidig svævede de lidt mod højre imens de bevarede deres trekantsformation. Vi så dem i ca. en time indtil vi afsluttede vores aften. Disse UFOer er typiske Light ships, der består af en form for plasma eller organisk krystalinsk materiale, der kan fade ind og ud, skifte størrelse, form og lyse op. Mothership er hvid/gylden. Den ene af de mindre er grøn og rød og skiftede flere gange form fra rund til aflang (vandret). Den grønne farve er udtryk for at UFOens formål er videnskabelige undersøgelser og den røde farve betyder udforskende. Den anden mindre UFO er gylden og det repræsenterer celestialt formål. Den følger med i områdets spirituelle og evolutionære udvikling. Det store mothership hang i vestlig retning, den gyldne celestiale hang i nordlig retning og den grønne/røde videnskabelige/udforskende hang i sydøstlig retning.

Den ene deltager oplevede under meditationen at blive trukket baglæns, snurrede rundt og hendes baghoved udvidede sig. Hendes sanser var helt åbne og hun kunne høre alle lyde på en gang, både i naturen omkring os, lyden fra stjernerne samt små fodtrin. Der var nogle der rørte ved hendes ansigt og hun så to ETs for sit indre blik. Den ene ET var en meget feminin og kærlig insectoid ET med et myre-lignende ansigt. Den anden ET var fugle-lignende og havde en fjoget og morsom energi.
Den anden Skywatch-deltager mærkede at UFOerne havde deres fokus på os, fik en gennemstrømning af energi samt vist billeder for hendes indre blik.
Hjerteligt tak til ETs og UFOer for denne vidunderlige CE-5 aften!

Fire dage senere, den efterfølgende mandag d. 13 september gik den ene deltager tilbage til stedet hvor vi havde siddet. Hun havde et kompas med, og pilene blev ved med at snurre kaotisk rundt for derefter at stoppe og bytte om på nord og syd. Det blev undersøgt om kompasset også gjorde sådan andre steder i området og i nærheden af elektricitet, men det var kun på det sted, hvor vi havde siddet, at kompasset opførte sig sådan.

Rapport af Skywatch d. 21 august, 2021

Vi var fem personer der mødtes til Skywatch. Meditationen var dyb og føltes som en blid energi der lagde sig om os. Vi oplevede alle forskellige clairvoyante sansninger af ETs tilstedeværelse. To personer kunne høre flere interdimensionelle ETs bevæge sig ind i mellem os. Den ene oplevede lydhealing af hendes venstre ømme knæ. Hun beskrev det som stemmehealing der sendte healende vibrationer ind i hendes knæ. Hun fornemmede tydeligt at der stod en lige foran hende og havde lige forinden tænkt at hun ønskede en kærlig og tryg bekræftelse på at ETs er der. Den anden person kunne høre lyde tæt ved ham og at de puslede i græsset omkring ham.
Den tredje deltager så flere ET ansigter for sit indre blik. De dukkede op lige foran ham i grønlig og lyserøde farver.
Den fjerde kunne lugte ETs tilstedeværelse og så også ET ansigter for sit indre blik.
Den femte deltager bad om healing og kunne med det samme mærke en tydelig energi strømme gennem toppen af hovedet og ned igennem ryggen.
Sidst på aften så vi flere Lightships der kortvarigt dukkede op. De hang stille og var cirkulære. De lyste kraftigt op i hvid og orange som et flash og fadede ud.
Tusind tak til alle fysiske og interdimensionelle deltagere!

Rapport af online Skywatch meditation d. 7 august, 2021

Vi var fire personer der mødtes online til Skywatch meditation, da vejret ikke indbød til at gøre det i skoven.
Vi lyttede til ET Contact meditationen og havde forskellige oplevelser.
En havde to OBEs - Out of Body. Fra hans soveværelse stod han pludselig i sit astrallegeme uden for sit vindue og kiggede ind på hans krop og kom tilbage til kroppen. Derefter var han igen udenfor i sit astrallegeme og gik om på bagsiden af sit hus. Der så han en stor UFO hænge oppe på himlen og han oplevede kontakt.
En anden følte en dyb ro og snurren i venstre arm.
De to sidste havde svært ved at falde ned i dyb meditation. Den ene havde følelsen af en kompakt energi og energi i venstre ben. Den anden oplevede en gennemgang af nogle minder. Her bad hun ETs om at assistere med healing og det blev til en lettere energi. Hun havde også dialog med ETs omkring formålet med hendes liv og smeltede sammen med ETs energi.
Tusind tak til alle fysiske deltagere og ETs! Vi er sĂĄ taknemmelige for at ETs reagerer pĂĄ vores invitation.

Rapport Skywatch 17 juli, 2021

Vi var fem personer pĂĄ denne Skywatch og mediterede i omkring en time. Deltagerne beskrev deres oplevelser under meditationen sĂĄledes:
En oplevede kraftigt hvidt lys for hendes indre blik samt farver i rød og orange. Hun så foran sig et lyserødt/rødligt væsen der lignede en krokodille og hun oplevede også at snurre hurtigt rundt.
En anden oplevede dyb healing og at kroppen begyndte at ryste, dog uden at fryse. Det var følelser der løsnede og efterfølgende følte hun sig meget afslappet.
Tredje deltager kunne med åbne øjne se en grøn farve i den femte deltagers aura. Hun oplevede også at være tæt på at gå i trance og så en meget høj ET foran hende med et enormt stort hoved.
Den fjerde oplevede kraftig energi der strømmede igennem hende og fik hendes hoved til at nikke. Den efterfølgende nat havde hun en drøm, hvor en ET henvendte sig til hende.
Den femte oplevede også en meget høj og lysende ET og kommunikation med og fornemmelse af den galaktiske føderation.
Deltagerne kunne både fornemme og se flere interdimensionelle ETs stå ved os og gå rundt i blandt os, og en så tre små ET væsner et stykke fra hvor vi sad. Alle væsnerne var kærlige og det var en dyb og udviklende oplevelse.
Tak til alle individer der deltog!!

Rapport af Skywatch 19 juni, 2021

Vi var fire personer der lavede Skywatch på denne midsommer-lørdag. Puja blev afspillet to gange og energiboost blev givet med shaktipat. Derefter lyttede vi til Dr. Greers meditation Coherent Thought Sequence. Den der ligger på appen ved at gå ind på Network - contact - Begin CE5 process - Step 2 of 5. Bagefter lyttede vi til endnu en meditation baseret på Dr. Greer der uddyber vectoring. Vi mediterede i en time og connectede med ETs. Deltagerne beskrev at de kom dybt ned i den meditative tilstand. En deltager så med sit tredje øje en UFO der hang oven over os. Derfra kom en høj Lion-being, der var bred af statur, ned til os. Der var endnu en UFO der svævede et stykke fra os, der havde sit fokus rettet direkte på os. Ingen beskrev at blive rørt ved, men alle kunne mærke en dyb fred. To deltagere tog hjem kl. 23 og to valgte at blive lidt længere. Tak til menneskene, ETs og deres fartøjer for en smuk aften!

Rapport af Skywatch d. 5 juni, 2021

Vi var i alt fire personer og fornemmede tydeligt ETs tilstedeværelse fra start til slut.
Under meditationen så vi alle for vores indre blik farverne lyserødt og lilla og to så en portal ude i horisonten. En så med hendes tredje øje en stor rund lilla og lyserød UFO med hvide lys rundt i hele kanten, der hang lige oven over os. Der var en anden der med sit tredje øje så den store sorte boomerang-formede UFO, der er kendt som Phoenix Lights. En følte sig suget opad i søjlen af lys og bevidsthed under meditation, hvor hun oplevede at møde sin Pleiadian guide der healede hende for kvalme. Derudover så hun mange Greys for sit indre blik imens hun sad og mediterede. Vi var to der oplevede at Greys holdt os skuldrende og en oplevede at en ET puffede hårdt til stolen, lige efter at hun havde sendt et ønske om fysisk kontakt. Med åbne fysiske øjne og vores tredje øje så vi alle sammen en interdimensionel Grey der viste sig som en flimrende gennemsigtig silhuet foran os. Ved den sidste øvelse stod vi sammen, og to af os så vores bevidsthed flyve op og lande igen iblandt os.
Stort tak til ETs, deres UFOer og alle deltagere for en oplevelsesrig og bevægende Skywatch.


A new chapter has begun in the history of CE-5 Copenhagen

The organization has evolved and expanded immensely since it's birth in March 2018. Martin and I had big ambitions and visions for what we could do to further the global movement of CE-5 and manifest Open Contact with UFOs and ETs. Over the the past 2,5 years, a lot has been done and more is to come.
Because the organization has now grown to this size, and even soon to be on national TV, it is time for new energy in the team. It is an honour to announce that the new Vice Chairman Is Marcus Aroli. Some of you already know him through CE-5.
The CE-5 CPH team now consists of myself and Marcus. We will continue to lead CE-5 Copenhagen towards the UFOs, the ETs and the stars!

A big warm thank you to Martin for your dedication as webmaster and photo editor. I hope to see you at future Skywatches and other CE-5 CPH fun! We are all Star Family.

DR tv-crew filmed a Skywatch – Sep. 5th, 2020

DR - Danmarks Radio og TV send an email and asked if they could participate in a Skywatch with camera and equipment. It was agreed and after a meeting at DR-hq with the producers, a Skywatch was set for September 5th. A journalist and a camera man showed up and in all three people went into the forest. Equipment was set up and I did the group energy alignment with 5 minutes of shaktipat to boost the chakras and expand consciousness. Then was the contact meditation with the app ET Contact Tool. The Skywatch lasted 3-4 hours and both the night vision camera, thermographic camera and magnetometer was in use. Interesting sightings in the sky and a feeling of connection among the participants.

Report from July 18, 2020

CONTACT. We were three people who met up. During the group alignment and energy boost prior to the contact meditation, the participants felt a deep sense of calm and some tingling. Then we dived into Dr. Greer's ET Contact Protocol. It was deep and concentrated and the air around us felt firm. After the contact meditation we looked around and up into the sky. We sensed energy but not anything visually interdimensional.
After a while we packed our gear and began walking back. Just as we had left the area, a big LIGHTSHIP appeared in the distance. It was hanging still and a video recording and photos were taken of it. These can be watched on our website. After a while we continued walking and the UFO seemed to come closer. We stood still and listened to Dr. Greer's free CE-5 meditation on Youtube and another UFO flew over our heads. This one shifted dimension just above our heads! The colour of the ships were white / golden.
We felt immense joy and gratitude for this open contact.

Report from CE-5 on June 6, 2020

We were three people who met, and the evening was clear and a little damp but pleasant. We began the night with group alignment with playing the recorded Puja by Dr. Steven Greer from the app, incense, Shaktipat to expand our awareness and rosemary oil to increase concentration.

During the CE-5 Protocol Contact meditation, we all saw ETs with our minds eye. Two of us saw ETs amongst us in the group. The ETs were short interdimensional ETs (around 140 cm tall). They had big heads and silvery pink luminous humanoid bodies. I, Linda, felt and saw them hug me and felt pure love radiating from them, and our love merged with their love, a soft blissful experience of unity. There were a handful of them moving about in our group.

The third human attendie experienced a wonderful deep peace and balance during the group alignment with Shaktipat. During the CE-5 Protocol Contact meditation, he felt that we as a group were energy of light. Whilst remote viewing, his consciousness was at the edge of our galaxy and there he saw a spacecraft with two friendly, curious and inviting ETs on board. He felt them as a male and a female, and their energy was loving and beautiful. He mentally showed them our intentions for contact and invited them to visit Earth and our group. 

To see ETs and sensing their presence is just a precious as seeing a spacecraft in the sky. It is more safe for the ETs to show up interdimensionally amongst us, than to materialize their craft in the sky. The ETs safety is ALWAYS the first priority. Thank you humans and interdimensionals for another great night with CE-5 contact!!!

Rapport fra aftens CE-5 23.5.20

Rapport fra aftens CE-5. Vi var 8 personer og satte campen i Dyrehaven. Under meditationerne oplevede de fleste af deltagerne interdimensionelle væsner og en dyb kollektiv taktil ro. En sĂĄ to Greys der stod foran ham, en oplevede et væsen ved hans højre side samt interdimensionelle lyde, tredje øje-aktivitet og syn af den pulserende astrale dimension. Mange oplevede astrale berøringer forskellige steder pĂĄ kroppen og at interdimensionelle stod tæt pĂĄ dem. Det var en smuk maj-aften med en masse personlige sanselige interdimensionelle oplevelser. Tusind tak for deltagelsen! 


Martin Hansen will be in charge of planning CE-5 events and the person to contact from this autumn and to April 1. He can be reached on or through facebook. You are also always encouraged to plan your own CE-5 events.
The more CE-events and CE-5 groups, the stronger is the contact grid!

Some of you already know him :D He has the heart of an angel 🕊 He is also extremely knowledgeable and experienced regarding ufology, CE-5 and energy work.

Report from CE-5 on August 30, 2019.

We were seven people who met up and went to the secluded forest area and set up camp. Walking through the woods, we played the crop circle tones from Greer's app and a few people felt the energetic connection. At the site, the shaman did a personal energy cleansing with smoke on each individual. Then I boosted peoples chakras with a very gentle kundalini transmission. We listened to Steven Greer's official CE-5 contact protocol. Looking up into the dusky sky, four of us saw a big bright plasma sphere moving really fast. It was white / organge-ish and flew in a slight upward trajectory. It did not at all look like a shooting star, but very much like a big plasma orb. Then we did a second CE-5 vectoring meditation. Several of us felt interdimensional beings around us and strong third eye activity. I tuned in psychically to the plasma sphere and saw three Greys looking cheerfully at us. I felt their joy, and did energy transfer of that joy to the group. As night time fell, the shaman played drum, didjeridoo and a Jew's harpe. We closed the event with a grounding exercise and wrapped it up. Massive thanks to all humans and ETs who co-created this event! 


👽🌳 CE-5 Copenhagen will take a break from hosting CE-5 events in and around Copenhagen. The reason is that the energies that makes up the events are dispersed for now. When the energies some day are up for it, we will again host CE-5 events. That is how it is with voluntary work. This organization is still alive and vibrant!

Please feel free to make your own CE-5 events where ever you are located. The dates that we suggest, corresponds with the international Global CE-5 events, and you will find instructions for CE-5 Contact Protocol on our website under Content.

You are always welcome to reach out to us or search this website for further information.

Opsummering af CE-5 d. 6 April

Vi var to mennesker der mødtes til CE-5 i Hareskoven på en lun forårsaften, og placerede os ved en sø. Denne dato var også den månedlige Global CE-5 night, initieret af EtLetsTalk, som CE-5 Copenhagen er en del af. EtLetsTalk er et globalt netværk af CE-5 grupper og organisationer, og du kan læse mere om dette netværk på

Meditation 1 (chakra boosting) og meditation 2 (ET kontakt protokol) blev udført. Den anden deltager oplevede en kraftig pulserende ekspanderende og kontraherende energi i kroppen imens chakra boosting stod på. Under meditation 2 oplevede vi begge tydelig tilstedeværelse af væsner og energier og vi oplevede forskellige kropslige reaktioner på det.

Vi så to ting på himlen, der skillede sig ud fra almindelige stjerner, satelitter og fly. . Den ene lyskugle blev set kortvarigt flyve hurtig fra nord til øst, og den anden lyskugle fløj fra øst mod vest og blev set flyve i en lang strækning. Særligt den første lyskugle bevægede sig med unaturlig hurtig hastighed. Den anden var også meget hurtig.

Når man laver CE-5 skal man selvfølgelig overveje alle kendte mulige forklaringer som fx ISS - den internationale rumstation, stjerneskud mm.

Det var en dejlig aften omgivet af friskt forårsgrønt, smuk fuglekvidder, farverig solnedgang og klar nattehimmel med stjerner.

Report on February and March

In February there was a flu around in society, so no CE-5 gathering.

March was new and inspirational! This time the location was in the forest Hareskoven, northwest of Copenhagen. Was with a group who did loving chants in the forest, and there was a bonfire by a lake. I felt a strong mental connection with the ETs and the energy of the forest and chanting was very much in line with the loving kindness approach we have in CE-5 Copenhagen. Due to clouds no sky could seen. This forest Hareskoven could possibly be a location for future CE-5 Copenhagen events, though probably at another bonfire area, so the chanting group can keep their own energy where they are at. What a melodic night with lots of inspiration! Thanks to the chanting group for holding space and giving me the opportunity to explore that energy.

Report of CE-5 night, Nov. 11

We were three people who met indoor in Copenhagen. Two of the people did the meditation whilst laying down and it gave a nice calm feeling. We did energy alignment and then the official ET Contact Protocol, as described by Steven Greer and Sirius Disclosure. After the meditation, we did a sharing round. Then I saw in my minds eye, that a row at ET beings had lined up and wanted to be channeled. I connected with the first three and brought their energetic body near the two other human particiants, one after the other. One human felt the ETs as "heavy air" against his upper body, and the other human felt the ETs energy as cold air and energy in her body, and also heard the voice of the first ET. The three ETs features: The first was very tall and male bodied, approx 250 cm. His face was quite rectangular, with a square jaw. Wearing a light blue garment, which energetically could resemble something soft, like demin. The second ET was a Later Stage Hybrid, meaning it had mostly human physical features, and in this case about 25% Grey. He had average male human height and was wearing a black garment. Best described as something similar to nylon and very thick. The last ET was a Grey, or Zeta as they are also known. It had a more feminine personality and she herself walked over to the two human participants and made her energy present to them. After the channeling and interaction with the ETs, we had another sharing round and ended the night with a grounding exercise. Thank you to both humans and ETs for yet another AWESOME CE-5 night.

Opsummering af CE-5 aften d. 7 okt

Vi mødtes 3 personer på Amager. Derfra gik vi 8 min. over til Kastrup Fort og op på højen. Derfra var der skøn panoramaudsigt og tydelig stjernehimmel, på trods lys fra omkringliggende veje. Skydækket åbnede sig og vi kunne se en masse stjerner, stjernebilleder, satellitter og fly. Meditationen og kontaktprotokollen blev gennemført. Vi så flere tilfælde af lysobjekter der fløj hastigt højt oppe på himlen. Den ene lyste kortvarigt op. Den anden hang lavere og havde kraftigt vedvarende lys. Den fløj bagom en lille tæt sky og kom ikke frem på den anden side!!! En skøn afslutning på oktobers CE-5 aften.

Report – CE-5 event September 9

We had a relaxed night without any physical sightings. I think it was because we did not sit for long, and moved to another location. We didn't spend enough time to fully anchor the contact energy, unfortunately. We had a lovely meditation with individual inner perceptions of ET presence.

Opsummering af CE-5 event 12 august

En opsummering af vores augustevent. Pga regn blev det afholdt indenfor i København, og med fem deltagere i alt. Vi havde en ET igennem i spiritform (interdimensionel / spøgelsesform). Han var meget høj ca 220 cm, havde kridhvid hud og store øjne. Hans energi var meget kærlig og legende. Han syntes, at det var sjovt at have kontakt med os på denne mediumship måde. Jeg overførte hans energi, så dem der var tilstede kunne mærke ham. Det varierede hvor meget den enkelte kunne fornemme. En meget rørende CE-5 aften indendøre med tydelig besøg af en interdimensionel ET.

Opsummering BlodmĂĄne – CE-5 event 27 juli

Vi så 6 UFOer !!!! De fløj lange afstande,"dansede" og skiftede retninger og tempi. To af dem fadede ud for øjnene af os og var ret tæt på! Vi så selvfølgelig også Blodmånen og Mars. Vi var i alt 3 personer, og befandt os på Amager Strand hele aften indtil kl 1:30 om natten. Alt imens Blodmånen stod på, opnåede jeg telepatisk kontakt med en Grey der befandt sig på selve månen. Jeg bad ham (den virkede maskulin) om sende kontaktenergi til mig. Først gjorde det mig svimmel, og da jeg havde justeret til hans frekvens, lavede jeg energioverførsel til de to andre mennesker. De mærkede det kraftigt og vi jublede af glæde. Da jeg senere kom hjem, fik jeg en kundalinirejsning og en af de andre mennesker oplevede ved sin hjemkomst, at få "besøg" af en Grey i "spøgelsesform" med en mærkelig lugt.

Big Flower meditations. A free 15 min. meditative meeting with ETs held once a week. Attend from wherever you are located.

Big Flower meditation. As preparation for our CE-5 events and general attunement to the presence of ETs and UFOs, the Big Flower meditations has proven to be an effective method. Every wednesday at 19 to 19:15 (UTC +1), we slip into meditation wherever located on the planet and astrally meet up  at the UFO named Big Flower. It is located in space, near Earth. It's a form of Out-of-body meeting, where you meet ETs and humans for a 15 min. hangout, where you can ask them questions and share knowledge. This recurring event is hosted by the Tall Brown ETs and this joint weekly gathering has been going strong for 2 years already. Key facilitator is Susann Björklund For more info, please check out the group First Contact Ambassadors and the facebook page Weekly event on facebook

Report on CE-5 event, July 15

CE 5 contact event in Dyrehaven, Klampenborg We were 5 people, who met up and placed ourself in a secluded spot in the forest. We did the energy alignment and the contact protocol meditations. We did not observe UFOs in the sky, but individually we experienced different sensations. I felt a strong conscious energetic presence around us where we sat, and were told telepathically that the ETs were there with us in the group. They were on a frequency which we could not see with our eyes. Another attendee saw inner flashes and patterns of colour. A cozy evening with connecting and sharing knowledge and experiences regarding ETs, UFOs and spiritual development. Thank you all for coming!

Opsummering af CE-5 event d. 18 juni

BOOOOM vi sĂĄ en UFO i dag !!!!!! 🛸❤️ Den var ret tæt pĂĄ, diamantformet, og roterede. Den dukkede pludselig op, og hang helt stille i noget tid. SĂĄ dækkede en sky for den, og da skyen lettede igen, var den væk. Tak til deltagerne for en vidunderlig CE-5 aften :)

Tinkuy – expanding our CE-5 trainings

We are expanding with Tinkuy! Besides our regular monthly outdoor CE-5 contact events, I will host ongoing contact training meditations at Tinkuy - The plan is to have contact training meditations, so new people can get insight in to what we are doing. It's also a place to hang out with your fellow CE-5 friends :) A training event usually lasts 2 hours, where we'll be going through the contact protokol and there is time for lots of Q & A. First training meditation is june 20. Keep an eye on Tinkuy's activity calendar to see when the next CE-5 training event takes place. It's free admission for Tinkuy-members. For visitors it's 50 kr. Further questions can be submitted to

Information night

Saturday march 31st 2018, the founders of CE-5 Copenhagen held an informational night regarding this new exciting organisation. All in all, about a handful of UFO enthusiastic people attended. It started with a presentation about what, who and why regarding the background of the global CE-5 Initiative. Then the webpage for CE-5 Copenhagen and the vision as an organisation were presented. The plan is to organize CE-5 events in Copenhagen area and in the future also facilitate lectures. The night ended with watching the movie Close Encounters of the 3rd kind. It was a cozy and informative night and a great way to launch CE-5 Copenhagen :)