CE-5 Skywatch report, September 16, 2023

On this beautiful clear-weathered early autumn Saturday, we were two people who went to the forest. We were excited as always and these gatherings always provide expansion, connection and fun. We did the puja, the CE-5 contact meditation and also listened to a Bashar meditation.

One person saw a huge purple orb about 1 meter in diameter and hovering 2 meters off the ground. It was visible for 2 seconds and was approximately 10 meters from where we were sitting.
Later that evening, a smaller dark blue orb was floating just one meter from us for a few seconds. In the distance, some odd white flashes were noticed on the ground near a three. There seemed not to be any other people around who could maybe be using flashlights.
Besides that, we saw several shooting stars, a few satellites and some airplanes.
Thanks for a lovely CE-5 night under the stars!
We appreciate that the beings meet us inter-dimensionally as orbs and their energetic presence was noticeable.

We 🖤 CE-5

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