CE-5 Skywatch report November 26, 2023

At 2:00 in the morning of November 26, we were three people who went to a park in the southern part of Copenhagen.
Instead of the usual CE-5 meditation from the CE5 Contact app, we did a standing meditation guided by the organizer.
We closed our eyes and envisioned that we were immediately standing inside a spacecraft.
After some minutes, we shared our experiences with each other.
Person one could feel and see the floor of the craft. It was crystalline.
Person two saw a face with ET eyes and a door opened into a room with yellow light.
Person three felt an ET standing between person two and three. She could feel the room and the floor of the spacecraft.

We then continued the standing meditation. We closed our eyes and envisioned that we were still on that spacecraft. We meditated in silence for 10 min. and then did another sharing round.

Person one heard could with psychic hearing hear an ET voice talk to him. It was the ET that was standing between person two and three in the first round. The ET moved over to person one for the second meditation round and interacted with him. It felt like an ethereal presence in the air around him, supported by tingling like gentle electric currents through his body. He enjoyed the overwhelming sense of comfort, which created a feeling of tranquillity.

The other attendees also felt a deepening of ET connection.
Person two could feel the presence of the ETs. She was later captivated by a luminous green UFO orb, that flew rapidly through the air. She felt a sense of warmth and positivity, and she perceived a benevolent presence somewhere in the vicinity.

Person three saw her star family in front of her in her mind's eye, whilst standing inside the spacecraft.
She requested them to show a physical sign of their presence.

We opened our eyes and watched the sky for UFO activity for a few minutes and then person two and three saw a big bright green luminescent UFO orb flying diagonally approximately 500 meters from us.
It was clearly a UFO orb with its self-glowing crystalline plasma texture and it was visible for 2 seconds.
It looked like it had the volume of a bus.
The timing of the green flying UFO orb felt clearly like a sign of confirmation of ET love and connection.

The ETs are our Galactic Family
With Love