Status report on online intro workshops on CE-5 Skywatch, July 30, 2023

By now, many people have attended the online intro workshops hosted by CE-5 Copenhagen. The first intro was held physically here in Copenhagen and it was then moved online to reach more people.
As of July 2023, CE-5 Copenhagen has hosted over 35 CE-5 Skywatches out in nature since 2018 and since 2021 there have been 19 online intro workshops. Several hundred people from Copenhagen and all over the globe have joined CE-5 Copenhagen's activities and society is becoming increasingly more interested in this topic.
It is very exciting to see how people love these informative meetings and CE-5 Skywatch gaterings.
They get more hands-on information on how to do CE-5 Skywatch and many attendees have seen UFOs after these gatherings and some have seen them prior. People also experience an increase in dream meetings with ETs, dreams of visits onboard UFOs, and an increase in astral travel. They also become more psychic and the multidimensionality of reality unfolds for them.
Looking forward to many more years of increasing personal UFO and ET contact. You will all become experiencers!

CE-5 Skywatch report, July 15, 2023

We were a handful of people who went to the meditation area in the forest. We talked about the ETs and also about Bigfoot. These forest dwellers are showing up more in general as the consciousness of the human species is evolving. As we had settled down, a female Bigfoot approached us interdimensionally. Her presence was strong. We did a short meditation and invited her to come closer. Two of us saw her eyes in our mind's eye. She had clear brown eyes with white sclera. She got invited to join our CE-5 meditation and it was sensed that she sat down between us, as part of our circle. A few of her fellow Bigfoot beings were standing a bit further back. Excited, shy and curious.
We did an energy boost, a prayer with the puja, and then the ET contact protocol.
We went deep inside our meditative consciousness for about an hour. After that, people had different experiences to share.
One person sensed some beings walking back and forth beside her. She noticed a fragrance and later checked if it had been one of the other people, but everybody had sat still throughout the meditation. She also felt her forehead being caressed and opened her eyes but saw no one standing there.
She ensured that it was not an insect and closed her eyes. The caressing happened again.
One of the guys saw three beings in his mind's eye. They looked blurry but were very present.
He recognized them from many previous meditations. They are his ET friends and guides.
Another guy in our group felt a deep sense of calm and listened attentively to the guided meditation.
A female saw in her mind's eye that many ETs and Bigfoot beings were walking amongst the group during the meditation.
Throughout the evening, the energy was very high and thick with interdimensional presence.
We then connected to some energy-coded crystals. One was coded with a grounding frequency and one with galactic consciousness frequency. The guy who felt a deep calmness during the meditation felt his heart chakra being active and his chest area becoming warm.
The person who saw the three blurry beings, felt a buzzing sensation in his hands when he held the crystals.
We ended the night by standing in a circle and holding hands. We gave thanks to all the beings who had responded to our invitation and participated in this gathering.
The intention of the circle was to calm us down, but we were surrounded by an ecstatic high vibrational energy that lifted our vibration even further. So much that the female who had psychically seen the beings walk amongst us, could not keep her balance and she felt giggly for half an hour.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this blessed cocreation and we look forward to many more. We are grateful for the connection, the expansion, and the loving kindness we share with our interdimensional and extraterrestrial friends. We wish to establish physical contact and these personal encounters mean so much, both for us and the beings. They are grateful that humans are inviting them closer and together we share the love for life and our planet.