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  • Calendar

    • ETLetsTalk CE-5 Global Grid Night August 27, 2022 at 19:00 – 23:00
    • Sirius Disclosure CE-5 Global Grid Night September 3, 2022 at 18:00 – 22:00
    • ETLetsTalk CE-5 Global Grid Night September 24, 2022 at 18:00 – 22:00
    • Sirius Disclosure CE-5 Global Grid Night October 1, 2022 at 18:00 – 22:00
    • ETLetsTalk CE-5 Global Grid Night October 29, 2022 at 18:00 – 22:00
    • Sirius Disclosure CE-5 Global Grid Night November 5, 2022 at 17:00 – 21:00
  • How To

    Explore our section about how to make contact with UFOs and ETs with the CE-5 Contact Protocol and ET Contact Tool. The contact method has been developed by Dr. Steven Greer

    CE-5 Contact

  • Vision and mission of CE-5 Copenhagen





CE-5 Copenhagen is a conspiracy-free meditation group. Our purpose is to hang out with the extraterrestrials and their space crafts. They are our friends and we are their friends. To participate in a skywatch hosted by CE-5 Copenhagen, it is mandatory to first attend an online intro workshop. Keep an eye on the calendar and facebook for upcoming online intro workshops. CE-5 Copenhagen / CE-5 København was founded in March 2018 and facilitates a CE-5 orientated community and monthly events held primarily outdoor in the area of Copenhagen. A CE-5 skywatch begins in the evening before sunset, on the first Saturday of the month in alignment with the Sirius Disclosure Global CE-5 Initiative calendar and Saturday around New moon which is in alignment with the EtLetsTalk Global CE-5 Initiative calendar. These dates are known as Global Grid Nights where CE-5 groups all around the world are doing CE-5 contact. This 24h grid amplifies contact. Though these dates create stronger contact energy, it is still possible to do CE-5 on any night. CE-5 Copenhagen won't always be able to facilitate skywatches, because they are created out of volunteer time. It is still recommendable to attend an online intro workshop because you will also get information on how to set up your own CE-5 group and host your own CE-5 events. A manual for How To + the CE-5 Contact Protocol and ET Contact Tool is also freely available on this website. The purpose of doing CE-5 is to experience direct contact as Close Encounter of the 5th kind (CE-5). This is done by inviting UFOs and ETs to a human-initiated bilateral contact through meditation, electronic devices and physical senses and with both internal and external observations. Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE) can also occur. IMPORTANT: Alcohol, marijuana and drugs are strictly prohibited AT ALL of CE-5 Copenhagen's activities. Only mentally and emotionally stable individuals can participate in these events. Any person suffering from paranoia, anxiety, psychosis, schizophrenia, depression or other severe psychiatric diagnosis or using any type of psychopharmaca is not allowed to attend these contact events. The reason is safety and consideration for the individual experiencing contact. It can trigger old unprocessed emotions, that they are maybe not ready for at the time. The energy from the UFOs and ETs amplifies everything emotional, mental and physical. CE-5 Copenhagen is not political nor religious but is both spiritual and scientific in our approach. We are only interested in directly initiated contact with UFOs and ETs, with spiritual awareness and equipment to register and record it. We do NOT engage in any type of discussions regarding exopolitics, government cover-ups, conspiracy theories, UFO crashes etc. For these broader aspects of Ufology, we suggest other Danish UFO organizations such as UFO Denmark (previously known as Exopolitics DK) and SUFOI. At CE-5 Copenhagen events, we do a guided meditation for about an hour and our intention is to connect with star beings and their spacecraft from an inner state of peace, clarity, sanity and love. The ETs prefer to interact with calm humans, who are genuinely ready for contact. CE-5 Copenhagen wishes to contribute to the CE-5 Initiative – the global movement founded by Dr. Steven Greer through his work CSETI and Sirius Disclosure. In this context, we will upload recorded CE-5 evidence gathered by our own and other CE-5 groups for public awareness and we encourage everyone to study the UFO / ET phenomena.


  •  Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Disclosure

    Dr. Steven Greer and Sirius Disclosure have created several eye-opening movies that present strong evidence of extraterrestrial presence.

    The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé (2021) – Free on Youtube
    Close Encounters of The Fith Kind (2020)
    Unacknowledged (2017)
    Sirius (2013)

    The need for disclosure is becoming more necessary. Countless people are having UFO sightings and ET interactions all over the planet. So a way to prepare ourselves for this increasing communication with extraterrestrial beings is to practice peace of mind, kindness and love towards each other. With this frame of mind, we can endure the awareness of these individuals from other planets, without becoming aggressive towards them or each other. This will make a safer transition into a new era, where we humans know that we are not alone in the universe.

  • CE-5 Copenhagen on Youtube

  • Dr. Steven Greer

    At Dr. Steven Greer's Youtube channel you can gain more information about his work and the movies.
  • After seeing a UFO

    After experiencing contact it is recommended to take some time to fully integrate the experience. CE-5 Copenhagen provides suggestions as to what you can do to integrate the sensing and witnessing of UFOs and ETs into your consciousness and nervous system.
    CE-5 is a profound existential experience, which catapults you into the inner work of self-exploration and self-development, and the energetic processes of this new awareness may need some nurturing.
    The suggestions listed below can assist with the integration of intra- and interpersonal awareness.

    Sirius Disclosure and CSETI
    Bashar / Darryl Anka –
    Gaia TV –

    Self Mastery
    Rosen Method, Cranio Sacral, TFT and EFT – somatic bodywork therapy. Meditation, past lives healing, Reiki, acupuncture and grounding – awareness in your physical senses and body and focus on the present moment.

Updates & Reports


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Golden lightship at 6 AM

Woke up at 6 AM and felt an urge to look outside through the window.There was a lightship / orb hovering in the sky! First it looked like a perfect spherical cloud with the morning sun colouring it golden. Then it started to rotate. Within a few seconds the sphere shrunk to a smaller sphere […]

CE-5 Skywatch report, January 17, 2022. CE-5 Copenhagen visits Costa Rica

Whilst in Montezuma, CE-5 Copenhagen came across a lovely couple, who also loves the CE-5 contact protocol. We went to the beach and did a spontaneous CE-5 Skywatch. Though this day was not a Global Grid Night, the synchronicity and synergy among the participants were right for it.During the meditation, one participant experienced being sucked […]

See you tonight!

See you online tonight at 20:00 CET (+1 UTC) for the free intro workshop on how to do UFO and ET contact. The Zoom link in the facebook event.

Temporarily been shut out of Facebook

Accidentally I got shut out of my Facebook profile by my own making. Will get back on Facebook ASAP. You can still get in contact with CE-5 Copenhagen at 🙂

Skywatch rapport, lørdag d. 11 sep, 2021. CE-5 Copenhagen besøger Hornslet.

I løbet af CE-5 Copenhagens besøg i Hornslet lavede vi denne lørdags-Skywatch.Vi var syv deltagere der tog ud i Hornslet-området på Djursland. På grund af ustadigt vejr foretog vi ET kontakt meditationen indendørs og da vejret klarede op, kørte vi ud til Skywatch. Vi så en stor lysende kugle i det fjerne. Der var uenighed […]

Skywatch rapport, torsdag d. 9 sep, 2021. CE-5 Copenhagen besøger Hornslet.

CE-5 Copenhagen besøgte Hornslet og det blev til hele to Skywatches! En om torsdagen d. 9 september og en om lørdagen d. 11 september.På den første Skywatch var vi to personer der tog ud i området omkring Hornslet og lavede CE-5 kontakt meditationen.Vi så tre UFOer på himlen, der hang i en trekantsformation. Et stort […]

Podcast and video with CE-5 Copenhagen on CE5 Podcast

So thrilled to announce that you can now listen to and watch an interview with CE-5 Copenhagen on CE5 Podcast! Exciting 25 minutes about what CE-5 Copenhagen is doing. Spotify CE5 in Denmark + Moving Beyond Fear – CE5 Podcast | Podcast på Spotify and Youtube Moving Beyond Fear of ET Contact – YouTube You […]

Rapport af Skywatch d. 21 august, 2021

Vi var fem personer der mødtes til Skywatch. Meditationen var dyb og føltes som en blid energi der lagde sig om os. Vi oplevede alle forskellige clairvoyante sansninger af ETs tilstedeværelse. To personer kunne høre flere interdimensionelle ETs bevæge sig ind i mellem os. Den ene oplevede lydhealing af hendes venstre ømme knæ. Hun beskrev […]

Rapport af online Skywatch meditation d. 7 august, 2021

Vi var fire personer der mødtes online til Skywatch meditation, da vejret ikke indbød til at gøre det i skoven.Vi lyttede til ET Contact meditationen og havde forskellige oplevelser.En havde to OBEs – Out of Body. Fra hans soveværelse stod han pludselig i sit astrallegeme uden for sit vindue og kiggede ind på hans krop […]

Rapport Skywatch 17 juli, 2021

Vi var fem personer på denne Skywatch og mediterede i omkring en time. Deltagerne beskrev deres oplevelser under meditationen således:En oplevede kraftigt hvidt lys for hendes indre blik samt farver i rød og orange. Hun så foran sig et lyserødt/rødligt væsen der lignede en krokodille og hun oplevede også at snurre hurtigt rundt.En anden oplevede […]