Report of CE-5 night, Nov. 11

We were three people who met indoor in Copenhagen. Two of the people did the meditation whilst laying down and it gave a nice calm feeling. We did energy alignment and then the official ET Contact Protocol, as described by Steven Greer and Sirius Disclosure. After the meditation, we did a sharing round. Then I saw in my minds eye, that a row at ET beings had lined up and wanted to be channeled. I connected with the first three and brought their energetic body near the two other human particiants, one after the other. One human felt the ETs as "heavy air" against his upper body, and the other human felt the ETs energy as cold air and energy in her body, and also heard the voice of the first ET. The three ETs features: The first was very tall and male bodied, approx 250 cm. His face was quite rectangular, with a square jaw. Wearing a light blue garment, which energetically could resemble something soft, like demin. The second ET was a Later Stage Hybrid, meaning it had mostly human physical features, and in this case about 25% Grey. He had average male human height and was wearing a black garment. Best described as something similar to nylon and very thick. The last ET was a Grey, or Zeta as they are also known. It had a more feminine personality and she herself walked over to the two human participants and made her energy present to them. After the channeling and interaction with the ETs, we had another sharing round and ended the night with a grounding exercise. Thank you to both humans and ETs for yet another AWESOME CE-5 night.