Report from CE-5 on June 6, 2020

We were three people who met, and the evening was clear and a little damp but pleasant. We began the night with group alignment with playing the recorded Puja by Dr. Steven Greer from the app, incense, Shaktipat to expand our awareness and rosemary oil to increase concentration.

During the CE-5 Protocol Contact meditation, we all saw ETs with our minds eye. Two of us saw ETs amongst us in the group. The ETs were short interdimensional ETs (around 140 cm tall). They had big heads and silvery pink luminous humanoid bodies. I, Linda, felt and saw them hug me and felt pure love radiating from them, and our love merged with their love, a soft blissful experience of unity. There were a handful of them moving about in our group.

The third human attendie experienced a wonderful deep peace and balance during the group alignment with Shaktipat. During the CE-5 Protocol Contact meditation, he felt that we as a group were energy of light. Whilst remote viewing, his consciousness was at the edge of our galaxy and there he saw a spacecraft with two friendly, curious and inviting ETs on board. He felt them as a male and a female, and their energy was loving and beautiful. He mentally showed them our intentions for contact and invited them to visit Earth and our group. 

To see ETs and sensing their presence is just a precious as seeing a spacecraft in the sky. It is more safe for the ETs to show up interdimensionally amongst us, than to materialize their craft in the sky. The ETs safety is ALWAYS the first priority. Thank you humans and interdimensionals for another great night with CE-5 contact!!!