A new chapter has begun in the history of CE-5 Copenhagen

The organization has evolved and expanded immensely since it's birth in March 2018. Martin and I had big ambitions and visions for what we could do to further the global movement of CE-5 and manifest Open Contact with UFOs and ETs. Over the the past 2,5 years, a lot has been done and more is to come.
Because the organization has now grown to this size, and even soon to be on national TV, it is time for new energy in the team. It is an honour to announce that the new Vice Chairman Is Marcus Aroli. Some of you already know him through CE-5.
The CE-5 CPH team now consists of myself and Marcus. We will continue to lead CE-5 Copenhagen towards the UFOs, the ETs and the stars!

A big warm thank you to Martin for your dedication as webmaster and photo editor. I hope to see you at future Skywatches and other CE-5 CPH fun! We are all Star Family.

DR tv-crew filmed a Skywatch – Sep. 5th, 2020

DR - Danmarks Radio og TV send an email and asked if they could participate in a Skywatch with camera and equipment. It was agreed and after a meeting at DR-hq with the producers, a Skywatch was set for September 5th. A journalist and a camera man showed up and in all three people went into the forest. Equipment was set up and I did the group energy alignment with 5 minutes of shaktipat to boost the chakras and expand consciousness. Then was the contact meditation with the app ET Contact Tool. The Skywatch lasted 3-4 hours and both the night vision camera, thermographic camera and magnetometer was in use. Interesting sightings in the sky and a feeling of connection among the participants.

Report from July 18, 2020

CONTACT. We were three people who met up. During the group alignment and energy boost prior to the contact meditation, the participants felt a deep sense of calm and some tingling. Then we dived into Dr. Greer's ET Contact Protocol. It was deep and concentrated and the air around us felt firm. After the contact meditation we looked around and up into the sky. We sensed energy but not anything visually interdimensional.
After a while we packed our gear and began walking back. Just as we had left the area, a big LIGHTSHIP appeared in the distance. It was hanging still and a video recording and photos were taken of it. These can be watched on our website. After a while we continued walking and the UFO seemed to come closer. We stood still and listened to Dr. Greer's free CE-5 meditation on Youtube and another UFO flew over our heads. This one shifted dimension just above our heads! The colour of the ships were white / golden.
We felt immense joy and gratitude for this open contact.

Report from CE-5 on June 6, 2020

We were three people who met, and the evening was clear and a little damp but pleasant. We began the night with group alignment with playing the recorded Puja by Dr. Steven Greer from the app, incense, Shaktipat to expand our awareness and rosemary oil to increase concentration.

During the CE-5 Protocol Contact meditation, we all saw ETs with our minds eye. Two of us saw ETs amongst us in the group. The ETs were short interdimensional ETs (around 140 cm tall). They had big heads and silvery pink luminous humanoid bodies. I, Linda, felt and saw them hug me and felt pure love radiating from them, and our love merged with their love, a soft blissful experience of unity. There were a handful of them moving about in our group.

The third human attendie experienced a wonderful deep peace and balance during the group alignment with Shaktipat. During the CE-5 Protocol Contact meditation, he felt that we as a group were energy of light. Whilst remote viewing, his consciousness was at the edge of our galaxy and there he saw a spacecraft with two friendly, curious and inviting ETs on board. He felt them as a male and a female, and their energy was loving and beautiful. He mentally showed them our intentions for contact and invited them to visit Earth and our group. 

To see ETs and sensing their presence is just a precious as seeing a spacecraft in the sky. It is more safe for the ETs to show up interdimensionally amongst us, than to materialize their craft in the sky. The ETs safety is ALWAYS the first priority. Thank you humans and interdimensionals for another great night with CE-5 contact!!!

Rapport fra aftens CE-5 23.5.20

Rapport fra aftens CE-5. Vi var 8 personer og satte campen i Dyrehaven. Under meditationerne oplevede de fleste af deltagerne interdimensionelle væsner og en dyb kollektiv taktil ro. En så to Greys der stod foran ham, en oplevede et væsen ved hans højre side samt interdimensionelle lyde, tredje øje-aktivitet og syn af den pulserende astrale dimension. Mange oplevede astrale berøringer forskellige steder på kroppen og at interdimensionelle stod tæt på dem. Det var en smuk maj-aften med en masse personlige sanselige interdimensionelle oplevelser. Tusind tak for deltagelsen!