Are you ready to see UFOs and meet the ETs?

It is important that you integrate your thoughts and feelings because the more integrated your consciousness is, the closer the ETs will come to you. ET and UFO contact is about loving kindness and remember that you attract what you vibe.
You can also do CE-5 meditations at home or outside and get familiar with it. This greatly prepares you for ET and UFO Disclosure and prepares you for the day when they show themselves to everyone.
The best way to prepare yourself is to look within. By now the presence of UFOs and ETs has become a staple in mainstream media and you might already be excited to see a spacecraft and actually see an ET. You wanna see the real deal, right? You can accelerate your encounter happening by going within. Practise meditation and you can just start with one minute. Then later increase it to five minutes etc. There is no ideal maximum length of meditation. At the beginning of a meditation, it is normal that thoughts run around and stuff you have to do pop up. Write it down to get it out of your mind and continue your meditation. At some point, there will be calmness and just relax in it. When the next train of thoughts passes by, stay calm and again write down whatever you need to get out of your head. You can also do journaling and emotional bodywork therapy also works wonders.

Within a decade we will have had open global contact. So buckle up dear starseeds. Meditation must begin. You are the disclosure with your inner healing and together we prepare for the ETs and their UFOs to announce their presence to all of Earth.

With Loving Kindness
- CE-5 Copenhagen