Big Flower meditations. A free 15 min. meditative meeting with ETs held once a week. Attend from wherever you are located.

Big Flower meditation. As preparation for our CE-5 events and general attunement to the presence of ETs and UFOs, the Big Flower meditations has proven to be an effective method. Every wednesday at 19 to 19:15 (UTC +1), we slip into meditation wherever located on the planet and astrally meet up  at the UFO named Big Flower. It is located in space, near Earth. It’s a form of Out-of-body meeting, where you meet ETs and humans for a 15 min. hangout, where you can ask them questions and share knowledge. This recurring event is hosted by the Tall Brown ETs and this joint weekly gathering has been going strong for 2 years already.

Key facilitator is Susann Björklund
For more info, please check out the group First Contact Ambassadors
and the facebook page
Weekly event on facebook

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