Articles of Association / Vedtægter
of May 5, 2018.

CE5 Copenhagen
Close Encounters of the fifth kind – Copenhagen

§1 Name and address
Section 1. The association’s name is CE5 Copenhagen, and can be abbreviated as CE5CPH or ce5cph.
At the Danish Commerce and Industry Agency, the association is named CE5guide CPHLys Forening. CVR number: 39565226
Sec. 2. The Association’s website is
Sec. 3. The right to use the association’s domain name and media channels is always owned by Linda Løwebeck, the founder of CE5 Copenhagen. In case Linda Løwebeck wishes to transfer ownership of the domain name, it will be transferred to a member of the board. The domain name is used solely by the association and not by an individual, company, organisation or other association.
Sec. 4. The association’s activities primarily covers Copenhagen area.
Sec. 5. The headquarters can be found at the chairman’s address or at the association’s own address / business address.

§2 Mission
Sec. 1. The association is an organisational association which mainly hosts CE5 events, lectures related to the CE5 phenomenon, as well as meditation courses related to the subject. The association also acts as a platform for dialogue related to the CE5 phenomenon.
Sec. 2. The association is a group primarily for UFO experiencers, where discussions and ideas can be exchanged. If a new member has no previous UFO experience, it is important to approach the association with an attitude of respect, seriousness and being ready for UFO contact.
If the attitude of a new member does not adhere to the description, the new member will be asked leave.
Sec. 3. The association CE5 Copenhagen is part of the Global CE5 initiative, founded by Steven Greer and CSETI /

§3 Values
Sec 1. The association’s values form the basis for all the association’s activities. The association’s values are guiding for all the association’s activities and purpose. The association’s activities are based on volunteer participation and have no political or religious messages or purpose.
Sec. 2. The association intends to promote peaceful contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms. The contact method is inviting for contact through meditation. The association strives to collect evidence of contact with the use of electronics. The association has the rights to all the collected evidence, and it is published on the association’s website and social media, with the intention of contributing to public awareness and information.
Sec. 3. The association DO NOT tolerate the use of drugs at any of the association’s events and activities. Drugs include alcohol, marijuana, psychedelics, opiates, cocaine, amphetamine, etc. Any use of drugs will cause immediate expulsion from the event or activity. Medically prescribed medication is acceptable.
Repeated violations of § 3, sec. 3. will result in permanent exclusion from participation in any of the associations events and activites.

§4 Participation
Sec. 1. People who wish to participate in the association’s mission can join as participants
Sec. 2. Attendance requires that the participant is already convinced that CE5 is a real phenomenon and that there is advanced space technology that originates from other places than our own planet.
Sec. 3. Participants may be excluded in accordance with the articles of association. Behavior not tolerated by the association and the board is:
Attempts to change the association’s purpose and vision without the approval of the Board. By insisting on using drugs related to the association’s activities, encouraging others to do so, and by contributing to degrading socially destructive behavior among participants. There must be a constructive tone at all events and on all public media.
Exclusion is decided by the Board. Debate and decision on exclusion shall resign from at least two written complaints received by the Board regarding inappropriate conduct of the participant(s) concerned. First consequence is a written warning. In case of continued inappropriate conduct, the consequence is exclusion from the association and removal of any responsibilities and objects belonging to the association. An excluded participant must have the opportunity to present his/her case at the next annual general meeting. In case of permanent exclusion this option will expire.
Sec. 4. Participants under the age of 18 can be admitted to the association with the consent of parents or guardians.

§5 General Assembly
Sec. 1. The General Assembly is the highest authority of the association. Also referred to as GF.
Sec. 2. The Annual General Meeting is held once a year in the first quarter (Q1) and convened with at least three weeks notice. It is announced on the association’s website and / or social media.
Sec. 3. Participants can attend the general meeting. There can not be voted by proxy. A letter can be sent by e-mail to the Board. The email must reach the Board no later than one week before the general meeting.
Sec. 4. The agenda for the annual general meeting must contain at least the following points:

1) Election of conductor and notes.
2) Board of Directors’ report.
3) Budget orientation.
4) Approval of the accounts of both the Board of Directors and the GF.
5) Proposals.
6) Election of Chairman. (For 2 years – chosen on equal years)
7) Election of Vice Chairman. (For 2 years – chosen for uneven years)
8) Choice of treasurer / secretary. (For 2 years – chosen for uneven years)
9) Optional choice of transport manager. (For one year)
10) Extra

Sec. 5. Proposals to be considered at the general meeting must reach the Board not later than 14 workdays before the general meeting.
Sec. 6. Proposals for amendments to the articles of association that are to be dealt with must be received by the chairman within 14 workdays before an ordinary general meeting. There can not be resolved / decided topics dealt with under nr. 10 on the agenda.
Sec. 7. The General Assembly makes its decisions by simple majority of votes. This is done by raise of hands or in writing.

§6 Extraordinary General Meeting
Sec. 1. Extraordinary general meeting shall be held in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors or at the written motivated request of at least one third of the particiapnts. At an extraordinary general meeting only the topics that gave rise to the call can be dealt with; however, the Board of Directors is entitled to list more topics on the agenda if it deems it appropriate.
Sec. 2. The notice period for an extraordinary general meeting is 2 weeks.
Sec. 3. No proxy may be voted. A letter can be sent by email to the Board. The email must reach the Board no later than one week before the Extraordinary General Meeting.

§7 The Board’s daily management
Sec. 1. The daily management of the association is carried out by the Board.
Sec. 2. The board determines the rules and regulations of the association. It may set up subgroups to carry out practical and administrative tasks.
Sec. 3. The association’s participants must follow the rules and regulations of the association.
Sec. 4. The chairman – and in the person’s absence, the vice chairman – convenes and chairs the meetings of the Board. Notice shall be convened in writing, stating the agenda when the chairman deems it necessary or when at least one member of the Board makes a request to the chairman. In such cases, the meeting shall be held no later than 2 weeks after the request has become known to the chairman. Meeting may take place via digital media.

§8 Economy
Sec. 1. The association’s accounts follow the calendar year.
Sec. 2. The association is not-for-profit and all income goes exclusively to the association.
Sec. 3. Should the association be in possession of financial resources or financial instruments, these must be included in the association’s bank account or depository.
Sec. 4. Storage of the association’s equipment is the responsibility of the board.

§9 Dissolution
Sec. 1. In case of dissolution, the association’s assets shall be used in accordance with the mission set out in paragraph 2. Before making a decision, sponsors / donors must be offered a return of their amount / remaining amount. The handling of the actual use of the assets is decided by the dissolving general assembly.
Sec. 2. In the event of dissolution of the association, the association’s domain continues to belong to the owner of the domain – Linda Løwebeck.

§10 Board members
Chairman: Linda Løwebeck
Vice chairman: Martin Hansen