CE-5 Contact Protocol

Everyone who wants to learn how to make contact with the ETs and UFOs, can use the offcial CE-5 Contact Protocol developed by Dr. Steven Greer.
Below is the link to the official Sirius Disclosure page and the contact tool app. The app is called ET Contact Tool. The price is around 85 Danish Kroner and is available for both Android and iOS.
Get the app here: ET Contact Tool at Sirius Disclosure

Close encounters of the 5th kind = CE-5
– is recognized as human or ET initiated bilateral communication.
The seven Classes of Extraterrestrial Close Encounters

When looking up at the sky, it is important to discern satellites, rockets and general air traffic from real UFO activity.
For Android, the app Heavens Above is a good tool.
For iOS, Sky Guide is a good option.

Choose a location where you will not be disturbed and  with minimal light pollution. The best time to do it is around dusk. A CE-5 Skywatch event usually last 4 hours at the location.

Take a deep breath and tab into feelings of love and peace. Imagine or say out loud that you invite the ETs to join your gathering and your wishes for making contact. Have intentions of respect towards them, rather than expecting entertainment. Ask them to come as close as possible while still being safe for them.

You can visualize a spacecraft in the sky and if you feel ready, landing in front of you to physically meet the ETs.
If this scenario is currently to much for you, just send thoughts of gratitude for their presence. They will show up in whatever form they prefer. You can also ask them the question “who are you?” and they will show you.

In preparing for contact, it is recommended to do an energy increase / group alignment before the official contact protocol. Do it how you see fit.
CE-5 Copenhagen suggests this method:
Light some incense, and do a energy chakra boosting on each participant. Then play the Puja in the app which is recorded by Dr. Steven Greer. End the energy increase / group alignment with each participant inhaling aroma of rosemary oil. This fragance will sharpen concentration during meditation.

Next step is to play the official contact protocol from the app. The contact meditation is around 30 min. long and after the meditation just sit quietly or walk around calmly and observe the sky. Feel the connection and be open to whatever happens. Sometimes the connection occurs on a very personal level. Usually there are both internal and external experiences. There will often be sightings of small orbs, OBE, physical sensations and other paranormal activity near you. This is a natural part of contact. Look out for massive spheres of white or coloured light orbs in the sky that moves and changes direction. Big flashes can occur both in the sky and on ground.

At the end of the CE-5 Skywatch, do a grounding exercise. CE-5 Copenhagen’s suggestion is:
Stand in a circle and hold hands. Send thanks to the ETs and UFOs for joining the gathering. Imagine a bright light slowly decend from the top of your head going down through your body and through the feet into the ground. Imagine growing roots from the feet and connect with nature and physical earth. Eat some light snacks.

It is recommended to bring a portable speaker for the device playing the app, head lamps, camping chairs and laser pointers. Remember to never point these at airplanes, since it disturbs their view and safety.
Other electronic artifacts to bring can be recording devices such as cameras, night vision, Trifield Meter, audio recorder and more, so you can detect, record and confirm subtle energies, interdimensional presence and tones around you.

As daily meditation practise or to prepare oneself in the days up to a CE-5 Skywatch, you can listen to the meditations in the app. There are also free meditations, recorded by Dr. Steven Greer, which prepares you for inner and outer connection with star civilizations.