Martin Hansen will be in charge of planning CE-5 events and the person to contact from this autumn and to April 1. He can be reached on or through facebook. You are also always encouraged to plan your own CE-5 events.
The more CE-events and CE-5 groups, the stronger is the contact grid!

Some of you already know him :D He has the heart of an angel 🕊 He is also extremely knowledgeable and experienced regarding ufology, CE-5 and energy work.

Report from CE-5 on August 30, 2019.

We were seven people who met up and went to the secluded forest area and set up camp. Walking through the woods, we played the crop circle tones from Greer's app and a few people felt the energetic connection. At the site, the shaman did a personal energy cleansing with smoke on each individual. Then I boosted peoples chakras with a very gentle kundalini transmission. We listened to Steven Greer's official CE-5 contact protocol. Looking up into the dusky sky, four of us saw a big bright plasma sphere moving really fast. It was white / organge-ish and flew in a slight upward trajectory. It did not at all look like a shooting star, but very much like a big plasma orb. Then we did a second CE-5 vectoring meditation. Several of us felt interdimensional beings around us and strong third eye activity. I tuned in psychically to the plasma sphere and saw three Greys looking cheerfully at us. I felt their joy, and did energy transfer of that joy to the group. As night time fell, the shaman played drum, didjeridoo and a Jew's harpe. We closed the event with a grounding exercise and wrapped it up. Massive thanks to all humans and ETs who co-created this event! 


👽🌳 CE-5 Copenhagen will take a break from hosting CE-5 events in and around Copenhagen. The reason is that the energies that makes up the events are dispersed for now. When the energies some day are up for it, we will again host CE-5 events. That is how it is with voluntary work. This organization is still alive and vibrant!

Please feel free to make your own CE-5 events where ever you are located. The dates that we suggest, corresponds with the international Global CE-5 events, and you will find instructions for CE-5 Contact Protocol on our website under Content.

You are always welcome to reach out to us or search this website for further information.

Opsummering af CE-5 d. 6 April

Vi var to mennesker der mødtes til CE-5 i Hareskoven på en lun forårsaften, og placerede os ved en sø. Denne dato var også den månedlige Global CE-5 night, initieret af EtLetsTalk, som CE-5 Copenhagen er en del af. EtLetsTalk er et globalt netværk af CE-5 grupper og organisationer, og du kan læse mere om dette netværk på

Meditation 1 (chakra boosting) og meditation 2 (ET kontakt protokol) blev udført. Den anden deltager oplevede en kraftig pulserende ekspanderende og kontraherende energi i kroppen imens chakra boosting stod på. Under meditation 2 oplevede vi begge tydelig tilstedeværelse af væsner og energier og vi oplevede forskellige kropslige reaktioner på det.

Vi så to ting på himlen, der skillede sig ud fra almindelige stjerner, satelitter og fly. . Den ene lyskugle blev set kortvarigt flyve hurtig fra nord til øst, og den anden lyskugle fløj fra øst mod vest og blev set flyve i en lang strækning. Særligt den første lyskugle bevægede sig med unaturlig hurtig hastighed. Den anden var også meget hurtig.

Når man laver CE-5 skal man selvfølgelig overveje alle kendte mulige forklaringer som fx ISS - den internationale rumstation, stjerneskud mm.

Det var en dejlig aften omgivet af friskt forårsgrønt, smuk fuglekvidder, farverig solnedgang og klar nattehimmel med stjerner.

Report on February and March

In February there was a flu around in society, so no CE-5 gathering.

March was new and inspirational! This time the location was in the forest Hareskoven, northwest of Copenhagen. Was with a group who did loving chants in the forest, and there was a bonfire by a lake. I felt a strong mental connection with the ETs and the energy of the forest and chanting was very much in line with the loving kindness approach we have in CE-5 Copenhagen. Due to clouds no sky could seen. This forest Hareskoven could possibly be a location for future CE-5 Copenhagen events, though probably at another bonfire area, so the chanting group can keep their own energy where they are at. What a melodic night with lots of inspiration! Thanks to the chanting group for holding space and giving me the opportunity to explore that energy.