A new chapter has begun in the history of CE-5 Copenhagen The organization has evolved and expanded immensely since it’s birth in March 2018. Martin and I had big ambitions and visions for what we could do to further the global movement of CE-5 and manifest Open Contact with UFOs and ETs. Over the the […]

Report from July 18, 2020

CONTACT. We were three people who met up. During the group alignment and energy boost prior to the contact meditation, the participants felt a deep sense of calm and some tingling. Then we dived into Dr. Greer’s ET Contact Protocol. It was deep and concentrated and the air around us felt firm. After the contact […]

Out-Of-Body app

Exciting news! In CE-5 Aotearoa, they are currently developing an app which will guide us in doing OBE – Out-Of-Body. In the OBE state we can consciously move around in the dimensions, and meet & greet the interdimensional ETs and their crafts. The practise of OBE will highly elevate our experience with our Star friends. […]

Report from CE-5 on June 6, 2020

We were three people who met, and the evening was clear and a little damp but pleasant. We began the night with group alignment with playing the recorded Puja by Dr. Steven Greer from the app, incense, Shaktipat to expand our awareness and rosemary oil to increase concentration. During the CE-5 Protocol Contact meditation, we […]

Rapport fra aftens CE-5 23.5.20

Rapport fra aftens CE-5. Vi var 8 personer og satte campen i Dyrehaven. Under meditationerne oplevede de fleste af deltagerne interdimensionelle væsner og en dyb kollektiv taktil ro. En så to Greys der stod foran ham, en oplevede et væsen ved hans højre side samt interdimensionelle lyde, tredje øje-aktivitet og syn af den pulserende astrale dimension. […]

Live online CE-5 Global Coherent Consciousness Grid

Tonight YOU can watch live CE-5 Global Coherent Consciousness Grid on Youtube at 22:00 Danish time (+2 UTC, daylight saving time). Salutations to Oona Soleil Fergusson from ce5europe for connecting CE-5 front runners from all over the world, and leading this online global CE-5 expansion.We will propel you forward to personal experience with ETs and […]


Martin Hansen will be in charge of planning CE-5 events and the person to contact from this autumn and to April 1. He can be reached on or through facebook. You are also always encouraged to plan your own CE-5 events.The more CE-events and CE-5 groups, the stronger is the contact grid! Some of […]

Report from CE-5 on August 30, 2019.

We were seven people who met up and went to the secluded forest area and set up camp. Walking through the woods, we played the crop circle tones from Greer’s app and a few people felt the energetic connection. At the site, the shaman did a personal energy cleansing with smoke on each individual. Then […]


👽🌳 CE-5 Copenhagen will take a break from hosting CE-5 events in and around Copenhagen. The reason is that the energies that makes up the events are dispersed for now. When the energies some day are up for it, we will again host CE-5 events. That is how it is with voluntary work. This organization […]

Opsummering af CE-5 d. 6 April

Vi var to mennesker der mødtes til CE-5 i Hareskoven på en lun forårsaften, og placerede os ved en sø. Denne dato var også den månedlige Global CE-5 night, initieret af EtLetsTalk, som CE-5 Copenhagen er en del af. EtLetsTalk er et globalt netværk af CE-5 grupper og organisationer, og du kan læse mere om […]

Report on February and March

In February there was a flu around in society, so no CE-5 gathering. March was new and inspirational! This time the location was in the forest Hareskoven, northwest of Copenhagen. Was with a group who did loving chants in the forest, and there was a bonfire by a lake. I felt a strong mental connection […]

Report of CE-5 night, Nov. 11

We were three people who met indoor in Copenhagen. Two of the people did the meditation whilst laying down and it gave a nice calm feeling. We did energy alignment and then the official ET Contact Protocol, as described by Steven Greer and Sirius Disclosure. After the meditation, we did a sharing round. Then I […]

Opsummering af CE-5 aften d. 7 okt

Vi mødtes 3 personer på Amager. Derfra gik vi 8 min. over til Kastrup Fort og op på højen. Derfra var der skøn panoramaudsigt og tydelig stjernehimmel, på trods lys fra omkringliggende veje. Skydækket åbnede sig og vi kunne se en masse stjerner, stjernebilleder, satellitter og fly. Meditationen og kontaktprotokollen blev gennemført. Vi så flere […]

Report – CE-5 event September 9

We had a relaxed night without any physical sightings. I think it was because we did not sit for long, and moved to another location. We didn’t spend enough time to fully anchor the contact energy, unfortunately. We had a lovely meditation with individual inner perceptions of ET presence.

Opsummering af CE-5 event 12 august

En opsummering af vores augustevent. Pga regn blev det afholdt indenfor i København, og med fem deltagere i alt. Vi havde en ET igennem i spiritform (interdimensionel / spøgelsesform). Han var meget høj ca 220 cm, havde kridhvid hud og store øjne. Hans energi var meget kærlig og legende. Han syntes, at det var sjovt […]

Report on CE-5 event, July 15

CE 5 contact event in Dyrehaven, Klampenborg We were 5 people, who met up and placed ourself in a secluded spot in the forest. We did the energy alignment and the contact protocol meditations. We did not observe UFOs in the sky, but individually we experienced different sensations. I felt a strong conscious energetic presence […]

Tinkuy – expanding our CE-5 trainings

We are expanding with Tinkuy! Besides our regular monthly outdoor CE-5 contact events, I will host ongoing contact training meditations at Tinkuy – The plan is to have contact training meditations, so new people can get insight in to what we are doing. It’s also a place to hang out with your fellow CE-5 […]

Information night

Saturday march 31st 2018, the founders of CE-5 Copenhagen held an informational night regarding this new exciting organisation. All in all, about a handful of UFO enthusiastic people attended. It started with a presentation about what, who and why regarding the background of the global CE-5 Initiative. Then the webpage for CE-5 Copenhagen and the […]