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    Explore our section of in depth description and knowledge to obtain contact with UFOs and ETs. This method was founded and developed by Dr. Steven Greer

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CE5 CPH Founders


Our Vision

Founded in march 2018, this organisation CE5 Copenhagen - CE5 København - wish to facilitate a CE5 orientated network, and monthly events held primarely outdoor in Copenhagen area. They start in the evening before sunset, on the first saturday of the month in alignment with the Sirius Disclosure Global CE-5 Initiative calendar, and saturday around new moon which is in alignment with the EtLetsTalk Global CE-5 Initiative calendar. Though these dates are ideal, this organization wont always be able to facilitate events, because they are created from volunteer energy, so please feel free to create your own CE5 events as well. A manual for it + the contact protocol is freely available in the Content section. The purpose is to experience direct contact as Close Encounter of the 5th kind (CE5). This is done by inviting UFOs and ETs to a human-initiated bilateral contact achieved through meditation, electronic devices and physical senses, and with both internal and external observations. Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE) can also occur in various degrees. IMPORTANT: Alcohol, marijuana and drugs are strictly prohibited AT ALL of CE5 Copenhagen's activities. Only mentally and emotionally stable individuals can participate in these events. Any person suffering from paranoia, depression or other servere psychiatric diagnose or using any type of psychopharmaca cannot attend these contact events. The reason is safety and consideration for the individual experiencing contact. It can trigger old unprocessed emotions, that are maybe not wanted at the time. Furthermore, this organisation is not political nor religious, but is both spiritual and scientific in our approach. This means that we are only interested in direct initiated contact with UFOs and ETs, with a spiritual approach and equipment to registrer and record it. We DO NOT engage in discussions regarding politics, cover up's, conspiracy theories, UFO crashes etc. For these broader aspects of Ufology, we suggest other Danish UFO organisations such as UFO Denmark (previously known as Exopolitics DK) and SUFOI. At the CE5 Copenhagen events we do a guided meditation for 30 to 60 minutes and our intention is to connect consciously with star beings and their vessels from an inner state of universal peace and love, because the ETs prefer to interact with calm humans, who are ready for contact. CE5 Copenhagen seek to contribute to the CE-5 Initiative – the global phenonema founded by Dr. Steven Greer through his works CSETI and Sirius Disclosure. In this context, we will upload recorded CE5 evidence gathered by our own and other CE5 groups for public awareness, and we encourage to study the UFO / ET phenonema. Join our events or create your own CE5 group and events, based on Steven Greer's CE-5 contact protocol. In the section Content, the button CE5 Contact Protocol will guide you further into the method, and there you will also find a link to the Global ET Contact Network page, where likeminded individuals have pinned their location on a world map. There you can find lots of people to do CE5 with!


  •  Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Disclosure

    Here we will post evidence  gathered during CE5 Copenhagen events and other CE5 groups. It will contain photos, audio recordings and videos.

    The movie Sirius is also presented here, because we believe it shows strong evidence, gathered by Steven Greer.

    The need for disclosure is slowly becoming more necessary. Countless of people are having UFO sightings and ET interactions all over the planet. So a way to prepare our selves for this increasing communication with extraterrestrial beings, is to practise peace of mind, kindness and love towards each other. With this frame of mind, we can endure the awareness of these individuals from other planets, without becoming aggressive towards them or each other. This will make a safer transition into a new era, where we humans know that we are not alone in the universe.

  • Sirius the movie

    Strong evidence documented by


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2 weeks ago

CE5 Copenhagen


Martin Hansen will be in charge of planning CE5 events and the person to contact from this autumn and to April 1. He can be reached on or through facebook. You are also always encouraged to plan your own CE5 events.
The more, the stronger is the contact grid :D

Some of you already know him :D He has the heart of an angel 🕊 He is also extremely knowledgeable and experienced regarding ufology, CE5 and energy work
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4 months ago

CE5 Copenhagen

Alien CE5 picknik 👽😍🌳 ... See MoreSee Less

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5 months ago

CE5 Copenhagen News May 29, 2019 if you don't like Fox News here is ABC: _ If you are an experiencer or abductee I would lov... ... See MoreSee Less

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5 months ago

CE5 Copenhagen

👽 Ny video fra vores internationale CE5-fællesskab The Global CE-5 Initiative. Over hele kloden findes der CE5-grupper og tilsammen skaber vi kontakt og oplevelser med UFO og ET observationer :) 👽😍"The People's Disclosure Movement" the world's largest, most widespread, regular and coordinated two-way communication between us humans and Star Peopl...
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Martin Hansen will be in charge of planning CE5 events and the person to contact from this autumn and to April 1. He can be reached on or through facebook. You are also always encouraged to plan your own CE5 events.The more, the stronger is the contact grid! Some of you already know him 😀 He […]


Report from CE5 on august 30, 2019.

We were seven people who met up and went to the secluded forest area and set up camp. Walking through the woods, we played the crop circle tones from Greer’s app and a few people felt the energetic connection. At the site, the shaman did a personal energy cleansing with smoke on each individual. Then […]



👽🌳 CE5 Copenhagen will take a break from hosting CE5 events in and around Copenhagen. The reason is that the energies that makes up the events are dispersed for now. When the energies some day are up for it, we will again host CE5 events.That is how it is with voluntary work 🙂 This organization […]


Radio interview about CE5 Copenhagen – by Ashli Andromedan at

Telling the story about my personal journey into all of this, and CE5 Copenhagen’s vision and work. The interview is around 60 min. long. Also about psychic awareness, sensitizing human consciousness to ET presence and how you can see UFOs 🙂 (Press the Play button in middle)


Opsummering af CE5 d. 6 april

Vi var to mennesker der mødtes til CE5 i Hareskoven på en lun forårsaften, og placerede os ved en sø. Denne dato var også den månedlige Global CE5 night, initieret af EtLetsTalk, som CE5 Copenhagen er en del af. EtLetsTalk er et globalt netværk af CE5 grupper og organisationer, og du kan læse mere om […]


Report on february and march

In february there was flu around, so no CE5. March was new and inspirational! This time the location was in the forrest Hareskoven, northwest of copenhagen. Was with a group who did loving chants in the forrest, there was a bonfire and it was by a lake. I felt a strong mental connection with the […]


December 2018 and january 2019

In both months the CE5 Copenhagen events got cancelled due to Christmas busyness and january weather with rain and strong winds.


Report of CE5 night nov 11

We were three people who met indoor in the neighbourhood Østerbro in Copenhagen. Two of the people did the meditation whilst laying down and it gave a nice calm feeling. We did energy alignment and then the official contact protocol, as described by Steven Greer and Sirius DIsclosure. After the meditation, we did a sharing […]


Opsummering af CE5 aften d. 7 okt

Vi mødtes 3 personer i alt ved Femøren metrostation. Derfra gik vi 8 min. over til Kastrup Fort og op på højen. Derfra var der skøn panoramaudsigt og tydelig stjernehimmel, på trods lys fra omkringliggende veje. Skydækket åbnede sig og vi kunne se en masse stjerner, stjernebilleder, satellitter og fly. Meditationen og kontaktprotokollen blev gennemført. […]


Report – CE5 event september 9

Report on CE5 september 9th: We had a relaxed night without any physical sightings. I think it was because we did not sit for long at the new location near Femøren metro station and moved to another location at Kongovej. So we did’nt spend enough time to fully anchor the contact energy, unfortunately. We had […]